Psychic, Intutitive, Empath Duane Redwolf Miles

Duane is an Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient,

Healer and intuitive reader




At the age of 4 he had a near death experience, that awakened his natural Psychic abilities.

His family is of Irish descent and the first 16 years of his life were spent on the Mohave, Navajo and Apache reservations where his parents were missionaries. At the age of 16 he went on his first Vision Quest and received the Red wolf as a Totem, it has been one of his guides ever since.

During your reading he can work remotely on several levels  to act as a catalysis for change and to help bring relief to your emotional state of mind  which offers comfort during your most troubling times.

Readings are always empowering and for your highest good. His mission and passion is to open hearts and minds with his insight and encouragement. It may not be what you want to hear, but his messages are always true and to the point. They are delivered to you in a kind, caring, compassionate way. Duane is a very good listener and uses his Clairaudient abilities to hear the hidden questions behind your words. His innate ability to tap into his client’s emotions and energy will give you  a sense of peace long after the call has ended.
When doing a reading He  works closely with his guides as well as your own, to relay the information that is needed to guide you on your life path.

“I learned a long time ago, that the questions people ask, give me
the answers they need.”
~Duane Redwolf~

“ The Question Is The Answer”

Conversations with a Mystic Intuitive  Sessions

The process is simple we have a brief conversation during which I observe your energy pattern and have you ask your questions. I watch how the patterns change with each question and look ahead to see where they are leading you.
It is a fun process which can include practical techniques to help you transition to your next level, often times sessions include interaction with your Guides, Angels and Elemental Spirits or other selves .



Conversations with a Mystic
Intuitive  Sessions

This is truly an interaction with You Spirit.

$140… 1 Hour Session

$70 …..30 min Session
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=New Service=

Intuitive Consultation/ Mentor Program

Now you can pre- buy session time with my new Intuitive Consultation/ Mentor Program.

  • Have you ever wanted to learn to tap into your own Intuitive ability, speak to your guides, and Angels?

  • Perhaps you want to learn to use your healing abilities?

  • Just need a fresh perspective on life.


This is where I can help — as a professional Intuitive my role is to provide you with.


  1. Intuitive/psychic insight for your current life situation and energy/wellness status.

  2. The opportunity to deepen the effectiveness of your own unique intuitive process.

  3. Provide encouragement, feedback and accountability in a safe and confidential environment.

This is done through

  1. An assessment of your needs.

  2. A combination of readings, mentoring and participatory energy work.

  3. A personalized Intuitive Action Plan.

  All session can be done on the phone/ Via Skype / Via Tango or in person
if you are visiting or live in the Sedona AZ area.

Note:****Once purchased session time can not be refunded, you have up to a year from purchase date to use then or they expire.


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